Magsaysay Training Center Launches its Integrated New Ship’s Bridge and Engine Simulators


 The Magsaysay Training Center (MTC) launched its cutting-edge integrated Ship's Bridge and Engine Room Simulators on March 21, 2013, with Hon. Jennifer Jardin-Manalili, Deputy Commissioner of the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) and Att. Nic Conti, Officer in Charge of the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) as guest speakers. 

The specially designed simulators are the most powerful and realistic available today, the first of its kind in the Philippines, and are powered by Kongsberg, the world's most reliable provider of innovative solutions in maritime training. 

Philippine government agencies are working towards ensuring that the Philippines will remain as the top supplier of qualified and competent seafarers to the world. In her speech, PRC Commissioner Ms. Jennifer Jardin-Manalili said, " It is a tremendous assurance to know that the Magsaysay Training Center is a valuable partner and ally in our quest to upgrade the competency of our maritime professionals. The launching of the New Bridge and Engine Room Simulator represents a significant investment that the Magsaysay Training Center is making in our seafarers. It represents the Philippines' confidence that we shall continue to be the number one supplier of the best marine professionals in the world."

MTC's integrated new Ship's Bridge and Engine Simulators use sophisticated visual technology that is based on advanced 3D technology for ultimate realism. It has the power to simulate actual conditions of vessels, exercise areas, time of day, weather and sea conditiond as seen from an actual ship's bridge. It is controlled by a powerful instructor station used to create training scenarios in real time. Virtual replicas of Principal's vessels can also be made for enhanced vessel specific familiarization. MTC has invested heavily in the development of these simulators to ensure that the company's training standards are up to date with the latest technology available.

Since the 1980's, MTC has been the country's leader in the use of simulators for training in Bridge and Engince Resource Management. The advanced simulators of MTC are ably supported by highly experienced technical maritime trainers who have many years of shipboard and teaching experience. 

"Magsaysay is reiterating our commitment of contributing to building capacity of our seafarers, to get rid of substandard shipping and to embrace the values of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), safe seas, blue oceans and green oceans," said Doris Magsaysay Ho, President of Magsaysay. 

With the full integration of the simulators, participants have the ultimate ship simulation training experience and the crew can be prepared for daily operations, making MTC's integrated simulators the perfect tool to build competence for seafarers. 

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